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The ultimate guide to debug problems with uploading software to the arduino

Arduino boards are popular platforms for prototyping and developing embedded systems. When it comes to uploading software, a few common problems can arise. This is a comprehensive guide to help you troubleshoot and resolve them. These troubleshooting tips apply to Arduino and similar platforms like ESP8266/ESP32, Teensy, Adafruit Feather, STM32, Particle boards, and Arduino-compatible clones. 1. Cable Lacks Data Line … Read More

Beyond the “Happy Path”

In software development, we often focus on the “happy path”. It’s the ideal route through a system when everything goes as planned. To create robust and user-friendly applications, we need to venture beyond this path and explore the paths of potential errors. This article discusses a proactive approach to error management that combines intentional error triggering with comprehensive error documentation … Read More

Troubleshooting Docker Android Builds on ARM Macs:

The Initial Setup I started by using Claude, an AI assistant, to generate the necessary Docker and build script files for my Android project. Claude provided a comprehensive setup that included: A Dockerfile to create the build environment A shell script to run the build process inside the Docker container A script to set up and run everything The initial … Read More

Troubleshooting OpenAI’s Text-to-Speech Implementation in Python

import io import os from openai import OpenAI from pydub import AudioSegment from pydub.playback import play client = OpenAI() def stream_and_play(text): response = model=”tts-1″, voice=”alloy”, input=text, ) # Convert the binary response content to a byte stream byte_stream = io.BytesIO(response.content) # Read the audio data from the byte stream audio = AudioSegment.from_file(byte_stream, format=”mp3″) # Play the audio play(audio) if … Read More

The ultimate guide to set up karaoke on your computer

Karaoke is a fun and entertaining pastime, an opportunity to unleash your inner pop star, and a great way to bring people together. Whether you’re a karaoke pro or a bathroom singer, this guide will help you set up a DIY karaoke system that will level up your karaoke nights. For the longest time I wanted to get my own … Read More

Three Effective Tricks to Boost Your iPhone’s Performance

Is your iPhone not as snappy as it used to be? Here’s a concise guide on three efficient tricks I employed to revive my slowing device:a simple restart, case removal for thermal management, and battery replacement. Each method yielded some results, enhancing the overall performance of my iPhone. 1. Execute a System Reboot Why: Temporary software glitches and memory leaks … Read More

How do computers think? Understanding Computational Thinking

How do computers think? This is precisely the question that brings us to an interesting branch of computer science known as computational thinking. Computational thinking is all about understanding how a computer’s “thought process” works and learning to think in a similar manner. In this blog post, we’ll dive into computational thinking and use some examples to illustrate its principles. … Read More

Building a Luxafor Clone in under an hour

After having the pleasure of using a Luxafor focus light for a few weeks, tragedy struck. My coworker, who is also my former roommate and the person who introduced the idea to our department, told me I had to pass it on to someone else to try out. What is Luxafor? It’s a small LED device that attaches to your … Read More

The Importance of Knowing That You Don’t Know Everything

“The more I know, the more I know that I know nothing.” This quote, which is based on Socrates’ famous saying, “I know that I know nothing,” accompanied me throughout my four-year apprenticeship as a computer scientist. In today’s information age, it is impossible to know everything. More importantly, one must know that it is not necessary to know everything. … Read More

How to get from idea to physical prototype in 3d printing

If you’d rather listen to the speech this article is about you can go here: Eight years ago, I was in eighth grade, and like most kids that age, I didn’t have much money. But what I did have was coins. Lots of coins. And that got me thinking about how I could make it easier to pay the … Read More