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Exploring the API of the myBFH application for Android

Instructions Get the Charles proxy application from here: Then install the Charles certificate on your android phone according to the instructions here: Now install the app and start it, after a bit of loading you should see something similar to this: These are the HTTP requests the app makes. In this screenshot I’ve filtered out only the ones going … Read More

Get around the Netflix VPN block with Smartflix

11.05.16 Works again and they now offer a subscription for $3.99 per month, which means that the uptime now probably has improved.. In the last few weeks you may have noticed that Netflix has expanded its VPN block to access content which is only available in other regions. VPN Services like or are beeing blocked by Netflix. However there is a easy … Read More

Finch – Test your local website online

Have you ever been in the situation where you had to show a customer or a friend something you’ve worked on but only had it locally installed? In this case you either had to get the customer or upload and install it on some remote server in a test installation. This all costs time and isn’t exactly comfortable. As you … Read More