Robin Glauser

Robin Glauser

I like creating new things.

About Me


I started my IT-Life as a apprentice at Comvation AG in 2011. I finished my vocational Matura and my Federal Certificate in summer 2015 and afterwards did my Civil Service at TRANSfair until January 2017.

At the moment I'm working part time at Stiuvou GmbH and am working as a research assistent at the Medicine Information Technology Institute at the BFH in Biel.



In my free-time I enjoy playing volleyball, tennis, table-tennis and various video-games. I am easily motivated to work on new projects and love open-source projects.

I'm also a scouts guide at Dracheburg since 2015 and a member of the Rhetorik Club Bern and Toastmasters Berne.

I use the revision control software git for almost all of my projects and publish them on Github. Also I tweet about interesting articles and fun facts in web design and development.

Online Accounts

You can find me on the most common and of course on a few uncommon social networks. If you want to write me a quick message, I'd suggest you'd use my Twitter account. For longer or private message please use my email address

My skill set

Here is a overview of my growing skills. I'm far from perfection in any of these, but every day I'm getting a little bit closer.


HTML is the language the web to a large part is written in. It's essential to know when building websites.


CSS is the language with which you can define how elements in HTML should be styled.


PHP is one of the most popular languages for webdevelopment because it's easy to learn and to get into.


With Javascript it's possible to add interactivity to a webpage.
(Example. GlauserChristmas Card)


Since I learned about Git and other revision systems I'm using it for almost all my projects. (My Github Repositories)


The database management system which is often used with PHP. I use it with almost all my PHP Projects.


A really popular and fast PHP Framework. I ended up using Symfony for on of my school projects and for a private project. (Fly)


I started using Linux at a very young age, but didn't quite understand it back then. I've been using Archlinux on my normal laptop for about a Year.


This is a framework which can be used to get a head start in website creation. I'm using bootstrap to mock-up websites in no-time.


Before starting to learn vanilla Javascript, I learned jQuery as it's a really simple and easy framework for beginners.


I only used Java for school-projects (snakeY) and am working with it on a unfinished project (Songstack).


I've used Wordpress to create simple blogs for myself and my colleagues.


This is a selection from my projects. Feel free to look around and try things out. To get more information about a project hover over the image.

Open-Source Contributions

Here are some open-source project where I contributed by adding missing documentation, fixing small issues or correcting grammar.

Latest blog post

Here is a list of my latest blog posts. You can find my blog here. I'm mostly posting technical articles and useful sites I find on the web.

Questions, Improvements or Comments?

Contact me on Twitter, on Google Plus or send me an email.