Robin Glauser

Web developer, Web designer and Open-Source enthusiast.

About Me


I started my IT-Life as a apprentice at Comvation AG in 2011. I finished my vocational Matura and my Federal Certificate in summer 2015 and I'm currently doing my Civil Service at TRANSfair until January 2017.

At the moment I'm already looking for a new work in January 2017. If you are looking to hire somebody with my skillset or know somebody who does, don't hesitate to send me an email.


  • 2002-2012 - Obligatory School
  • 2012-2015 - IT Apprenticeship
  • 2015-2016 - Working at Comvation AG
  • 2016-2017 - Civil Service at TRANSfair


In my free-time I enjoy playing volleyball, tennis, table-tennis and various video-games. I am easily motivated to work on new projects and love open-source projects.

I use the revision control software git for almost all of my projects and publish them on Github. Also I tweet about interesting articles and fun facts in web design and development.

Online Accounts

You can find me on the most common and of course on a few uncommon social networks. If you want to write me a quick message, I'd suggest you'd use my Twitter account. For longer or private message please use my email address

My skill set

Here is a overview of my growing skills. I'm far from perfection in any of these, but every day I'm getting a little bit closer.


I'm using HTML almost daily and it was my introduction to the IT World, when I created my first website.


As a web developer using HTML without CSS is like Ice-Cream without Cake. It's possible but just not that awesome.


I started learning PHP as my first actual programming language. As it is really simple, it was also quite easy to learn.
(Ex. Fredyframework)


With Javascript I can add interactive elements to my page without reloading the page.
(Example. GlauserChristmas Card)


Since I learned about Git and other revision systems I'm using it for almost all my projects. (My Github Repositories)


The database management system which is often used with PHP. I use it with almost all my PHP Projects.


A really popular and fast PHP Framework. I ended up using Symfony for on of my school projects and for a private project. (Fly)


I started using Linux at a very young age, but didn't quite understand it back then. I've been using Archlinux on my normal laptop for about a Year.


This is a framework which can be used to get a head start in website creation. I'm using bootstrap to mock-up websites in no-time.


Before starting to learn vanilla Javascript, I learned jQuery as it's a really simple and easy framework for beginners.


I only used Java for school-projects (snakeY) and am working with it on a unfinished project (Songstack).


I've used Wordpress to create simple blogs for myself and my colleagues.


This is a selection from my (at the moment mostly) private projects. Feel free to look around and try things out. To get more information about a project hover over the image.

Open-Source Contributions

Here are some open-source project where I contributed by adding missing documentation, fixing small issues or correcting grammar.

Latest blog post

Here is a list of my latest blog posts. You can find my blog here. I'm mostly posting technical articles and useful sites I find on the web.

Questions, Improvements or Comments?

Contact me on Twitter, on Google Plus or send me an email.