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Building a dashboard in a pictureframe for my flat

A rite of passage as a developer is building a magic mirror. Every serious developer blog must have at least one article describing how they built theirs, so here is mine: I display our flat calendar that I shared via google calendar, the weather, the current tasks for each person provided by flatastic and a text that tells you the … Read More

Using Python and Lobe to automate Among Us tasks

How many of the tasks in Among Us can I automate?
The answer can be found at the end of this post.

Pebble Watchface in “Schwitzerdütsch” (Updated)

Sadly the pebble watches have been discontinued and with this the app store has been shut down. So the links won’t work anymore. I’ve revisited this project, because somebody asked me to implement a more precise display of the time. Instead of displaying “zäh vor nüni” at 8:52 it now displays “acht vor nüni”. I’ve decided to create a new … Read More

A simple base64 decoder/encoder

Why did I create this project Everytime I needed to decode or encode something with base64 I looked up the first website on Google and was mad about all the ads and the non-intuitive interface of the website. This is why I choose to create a really simple base64 de/encoder without any ads and with a clean interface. How did … Read More – Case Study

Why did I create this project A redesign of a website for a camping event which I visited in the summer. It is the result of a bet that I can build a website in less than an quarter of an hour. How did I implement the solution Because of the given time limit I used bootstrap as a frontend framework. To … Read More

Throw away your tables –

Why did I create this project Once upon a time in my apprenticeship I had to refactor some table layout into a fancy new div layout. This is why I’ve created this website, which has the sole purpose of replacing all td, tr and table tags with div tags. How did I implement the solution This is a dead simple … Read More – Find steam games you can play

What this project is about When my friends come over to my place or when I want to play games online with them, there’s always the question: What game should we play? I’ve created this project to answer this question for once for all. You may already have heard of the website, which does something similar. The problem with their … Read More