Creating a Toastmaster Timer with Arduino (1/3) Schematics

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Sometime ago I was asked to be a time judge at a local toastmaster contest and measure the time for the speeches.

This gave me a great idea for a project with my Arduino which I got laying around. I could create a timer which automatically raises the flags with a servo to indicate the time left for the speaker.

I started by reading the documentation about the servo on the Arduino Website. Next I built one of the examples (Sweep) with my Arduino to get a feel for how the servo works and to get a first successful experience.

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After reading more about the other components (LCD Display, Buttons, Speaker) I wanted to use for my project I created the schematics on

You can see the simulation of my circuit on the website.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-09 um 11.05.45

Next I am going to buy two additional servos and the speaker which I currently don’t have to build and test my prototype in the real world.

In the last step I will create a case for the device to make it less looking like a bomb and will try to use it at the next Toastmaster meeting.


2 thoughts on “Creating a Toastmaster Timer with Arduino (1/3) Schematics

  1. Oh god I hate reading about these silly and impractical projects. So you have a stopwatch right now that someone could’ve bought in the store for a few dollars. Wow you’re a genius. FYI they also have various phone apps for this and they sell various other inexpensive Toastmasters timing devices that are for use in meetings.

    Also, don’t add a speaker. That’ll just be annoying and you don’t hear a noise during international competition to warn you, so don’t do it.

    1. Hey Bob

      I know that there already exist apps for the smartphone and that a stopwatch would be cheaper and probably more efficient. I don’t think that I will use this device outside of a fun local club evening.

      The project also isn’t about creating a toastmaster timer, but to learn electronics. And a stopwatch also beeps when you start and stop it ;)

      In the end if you don’t like those kind of projects, you aren’t forced to read the articles. But I know at least one person who likes them, so that is at least one reason for them to exists.

      – Robin

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