Floppybird – A operation system for flappy bird fans.

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If you are a big fan of the flappy bird game and if you’re also looking for a new operating system, you’ve found the right place.

Floppybird is a clone of the infamous flappy bird written in assembly.

You can find further instructions how to install it on your pc or in a emulator (If you’re not ready to commit to it yet) in the README.MD of the repository.

If you want to install it on your Mac you can use Q a port of qemu for Mac with a GUI. After you’ve installed and launched the program you can add a new PC by clicking on the yellow add button.

After you’ve typed in a name you can customize the pc. Under Hardware go to the cd-rom drive and select the Floppybird .iso file. (Which you can download here)

You’re almost finished. Now click on create PC and start it by clicking on the play button. To jump press any key on your keyboard. :D

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