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Create dynamic virtual hosts on XAMPP with Windows

I just tested it and it still works in 2020 with the newest XAMPP Version. This is a short tutorial how the get up and running with dynamic virtual hosts with XAMPP on Windows. The goal of this tutorial is to be able to create a directory like “” in your C:\xampp\htdocs\ to add a virtual host dynamically. First of we … Read More

4 ways to be less anxious about public speaking

A bit over a year ago I told a story in front of an audience at Wahre Geschichten. I was anxious and nervous before hand. So in the last year I compiled a few tips and tricks on how to be less anxious when speaking in public. #1 Sing your favorite song before giving your speech If you have a problem with … Read More

My internship at the SBB Cargo

As of today my internship as a User Experience Designer at the SBB Cargo is over. I’ve spent the last six months from March to September working at their headquarters in Olten. In this time I was able to look at how a bigger company is run and how it compares to the smaller companies I’ve worked in before. The … Read More

Get around the Netflix VPN block with Smartflix

11.05.16 Works again and they now offer a subscription for $3.99 per month, which means that the uptime now probably has improved.. In the last few weeks you may have noticed that Netflix has expanded its VPN block to access content which is only available in other regions. VPN Services like or are beeing blocked by Netflix. However there is a easy … Read More

NDG Highlighter for Smartvote

In connection with the now upcoming elections I’ve created a Google Chrome extension, which highlights the people who were in favor of the NDG for the voting helper website Smartvote. The list of people is available here: and the protocol is available here If you don’t use Google Chrome you can run the code below in the overview of the voting advice. You … Read More

List of really handy and/or useless command line tools

Introduction This is a list of useful command line tools which I often use during my day. For every tool I have listed a example with the parameters and the output of the tool. Example: $ toolname –option=value –other-option Output of toolname when run on my machine. This might not be identical on your installation. apropos With apropos you can … Read More

Emmet – Write HTML at lightning speed

Are you looking to get faster at writing HTML and CSS? In this case you will love the Emmet toolkit integrated in PhpStorm. It enables you to write for example the following code: ul>li*5 And get the following output by expanding it with the tabulator.  <ul> <li></li> <li></li> <li></li> <li></li> <li></li> </ul> You can also create a HTML5 base template by … Read More

Use beeminder to force yourself into writing regular blogposts

Beeminder is a online tool to track goals like blog posting, weight loss/gain, read mail or how much you go biking. I’m now using it to force myself to write 3 blogpost per week. The catch behind the idea is that you pledge a certain amount like 5.-/$/£/€ for reaching your goal. If you can’t reach your goal in the … Read More

Use Github Webhooks to automatically push your changes to a webserver.

I’ve installed a little Github Webhook for my portfolio repository so whenever I make changes to the repository they automatically get deployed to my webserver. For this little trick to work you have to have a git client installed on your webserver. Also the shell_exec php function has to be active so we can run the git pull command from php. … Read More

The Rasterbator – wall art generator

With this webapp you can generate a giant wallposter which you can print at home from a picture. The app generates a PDF which you can print and glue to get the whole poster.