Animate the theme color of your website in chrome on android

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Update: Apparently it doesn’t work in the beta version of chrome. Thanks to /u/aurimas_chromium for reporting the bug. (

It also only works if you have the option “Merge Tabs and Apps” turned on. Thanks to /u/plastix3000

You maybe knew that you could set the color of the navigation bar in chrome on android by adding the following meta tag to your website:

<meta name="theme-color" content="#db5945">

But did you know that you can animate it?

If created a little demo on  so you can test it on your android device. (Tip: Click on the disco ball for extra party effect :D)

Below is the main logic to animate the navigation:

 var metaTag = $('meta[name="theme-color"]');
 var body = $('body');
 var hue = 0;

 function animate() {

     if (hue == 361) {
         hue = 0;
     metaTag.attr("content", 'hsl(' + parseInt(hue) + ',100%,50%)');
     body.css({"backgroundColor": 'hsl(' + parseInt(hue) + ',100%,50%)'});

 setInterval(animate, 16);

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