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Exploring the API of the myBFH application for Android

Instructions Get the Charles proxy application from here: Then install the Charles certificate on your android phone according to the instructions here: Now install the app and start it, after a bit of loading you should see something similar to this: These are the HTTP requests the app makes. In this screenshot I’ve filtered out only the ones going … Read More

Clean your smartphone charging port day

Maybe I am the special kind of stupid, but I’ve had issues with plugging in my USB C cable into my Nexus 5X for a while. It kept falling out when I wanted to keep it plugged in to charge it. But just a short while ago I had the smart idea to actually google my problem. The solution is painfully … Read More

A week with the iPhone 6S from the view of a Android fanboy

I’ve now spent the last week with a iPhone 6S instead of my HTC One m7. The reason for this change is a new subscription with my phone provider. This gives me the opportunity to get a phone at a reduced price. Because my provider has a money back guarantee I am able to return the device and get my money back. The … Read More

Animate the theme color of your website in chrome on android

Update: Apparently it doesn’t work in the beta version of chrome. Thanks to /u/aurimas_chromium for reporting the bug. ( It also only works if you have the option “Merge Tabs and Apps” turned on. Thanks to /u/plastix3000 You maybe knew that you could set the color of the navigation bar in chrome on android by adding the following meta tag to your … Read More