A week with the iPhone 6S from the view of a Android fanboy

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I’ve now spent the last week with a iPhone 6S instead of my HTC One m7. The reason for this change is a new subscription with my phone provider. This gives me the opportunity to get a phone at a reduced price. Because my provider has a money back guarantee I am able to return the device and get my money back.

The setup of the device is easy but repetitive. I’ve had to type in the same password about five times before I had a working device in my hands.

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Things I will miss without the iPhone

  • The camera is fantastic in comparison with my old HTC One. The live photos are a bit useless.
  • Real smooth scrolling on the home screen without lagging. I’m comparing this to my HTC One with Stock Android. At the moment I hadn’t a chance to compare this to a phone running Android Marshmallow.
  • All day battery life. This was one of the reasons why I needed a new phone. With the iPhone I was never in need of having to charge my phone.
  • The touch id unlocking is great but almost too fast. The problem with this is that I can’t see my notification when unlocking my phone with my thumb.

 Things I didn’t like on the iPhone

  • Buttons which are way to small for my already little hands. Also the new flat design makes it sometimes impossible to know whether you can click something or not.
  • Sometimes gestures like swiping in from the left or the bottom didn’t work or were to sensitive.
  • The older model suffer under the planned obsolescence when Apple releases a new iPhone. Which means they will get slower and slower with each software update forcing a user to buy the new iPhone.
  • Not enough control and transparency over the underlying system.

Things I missed on the iPhone

  • Options to share anything from everywhere. In my experience there were more possibilities to share content on Android than on the iPhone. But this is a more app based opinion.
  • A file manager which is more than a picture viewer.
  • Ability to set standard apps.

Because of all the reasons I’ve listed I’ve chosen not to keep the iPhone. I will rather get myself another Android device.

I’ve looked into some of the devices which are on the market at the moment. The suitable phone for me seems to be the Huawei Nexus 6P. Although I’m not sure about the size of the device because it has a 5.7 inches screen.

On the plus side it is running stock Android Marshmallow and will get updates through Google.

Do you have any argument for/against the iPhone or other mobile phone recommendations? Write a comment and I’ll reply as fast as I can.

8 thoughts on “A week with the iPhone 6S from the view of a Android fanboy

  1. “The touch id unlocking is great but almost too fast. The problem with this is that I can’t see my notification when unlocking my phone with my thumb.” Talk about some first world problems ;)

    I feel like apple is doing a great job with their updates. Sure older phones are getting slow but this is almost inevitable. Android on the other hand fails completely. Older devices either don’t get any updates any more or just ridiculously late.

    I prefer to check out some “underdogs” like oneplus. Sure their devices might not be as powerful or stable as the competitors but at least I don’t spend a fortune

    1. “Talk about some first world problems ;)”
      All of those problems are in a way first world problems :)

      In my opinion the update cycles are getting better and better with each Android generation.
      My HTC One M7 got updates for up to two years after the release.

      The OnePlus looks great but for only 100.- more you can get the Nexus 6P. Which performs a lot better in reviews.
      Also it’s a Nexus device so updates won’t be a problem.

    2. The Ipad 2 was usable until I updated to iOS 9 now its just sl…. *wait for it* …ow! So I would rather have no update than one that destroys the device completly so you have to buy a new one… :(

      Android isn’t that good eather I get that ;)

  2. the 6p is surly a good choice if you can hande the size of course. Other great handsets are rare on the android side, if you like it small go with the sony xperia z5 compact it has a good battery and a 4.7″ screen. If size is no problem you can go with the bigger brother the sony xperia z5. the nexus 5x is also a nice device but has a respectively bigger footprint with a 5.2″ screen than my nexus 5.

      1. Thanks for your suggestions. I don’t really like the style of the Sony Xperia series. Also they don’t run stock Android. I’m most likely going with the Huawei Nexus 6P.

        1. Yeah good choice, but Sony is making a lot of great moves lately. Their software is getting really close to stock and they have a very good updates record. Also they invest in the community a lot and opensource kernel stuff and that ensures them to have a lot of community support

          Have a nice day ;)

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