Run-PHP-Code – Test your snippets

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If you found a PHP snippet which you want to test or if you want to try something quickly, I just found your perfect tool.

The name’s Run-PHP-Code

This little tool provides you with a editor and the output in the browser. So you can just run your snippet to test how it works.

Also it’s really handy to showcase something, as you can simultaneously see the code and the resulting output.

However there is a downside to it, as can run code dynamically you should prevent anyone other than you to access the script, because else bad things will happen.

You can either do this by setting a basic access authentication or by using the allow from option in apache. I’m not going to explain this further here as you should be able to google this yourself.

If you have any questions or improvements for this article please write a comment and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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