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Bootbox.js – Alerts with callbacks for Bootstrap

Some time ago I searched for a plugin with which I could add modals with input fields to my websites and interpret the callback. This was when I found a library which provides exactly this function. Using it is super simple: But you can also create custom dialogs: Still not convinced? Try out some more examples or visit the main plugin site:

Bootsketch – Mockup theme for bootstrap

As you may know I really like to use Bootstrap to create simple websites. However if you want to sketch something without the “design feeling” Bootsketch may be perfect for you. To install it just go to their Github Repository and follow their instructions under “Usage”. A nice extension for it would be to create a web app where you can drag … Read More

Creating my new portfolio

I just finished cleaning and organizing my websites. First of all I finally settled on a portfolio website after the 4th try. (You can find my other attempts here:, and Furthermore I updated and cleaned up this blog. Sadly a few images in the older post are magically gone so I’ll be looking into that at a later moment. Back to … Read More