Accepting other peoples realities

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Understand that for a person with a mental illness everything they do makes sense to them.

This quote was one of the parts I still remember from a course from the civil service about how to care and look after impaired people.

A major problem in today’s society is not being able to accept that other people have other realities and that what they are doing makes sense to them in a way.

Our own realities are formed by our experiences in our life. So how could another person see what makes sense to us if they know so little of our past?

Even somebody who knows you for all your life may still not be able to understand your choices. Because we experience our self so many little things in life which influence us in some way.

People aren’t emphatic enough, because it’s tough to imagine oneself in the shoes of another person. Most situations are looked upon only from the initial side without considering the other persons views and experiences because you probably don’t try to put on the other persons shoes.


Instead we should try harder to put our self into the shoes of the other person. To imagine what that person might have experienced to make them feel and think this way.

Just thinking about what the other person might think, doesn’t mean that you accept their opinion or think they are right. But when only considering your point of view you’re being ignorant of other peoples experience and knowledge you might not have.


Somebody might know something or has experienced something you didn’t, so always go into a discussion with this in mind.


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