Three Effective Tricks to Boost Your iPhone’s Performance

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Is your iPhone not as snappy as it used to be? Here’s a concise guide on three efficient tricks I employed to revive my slowing device:a simple restart, case removal for thermal management, and battery replacement. Each method yielded some results, enhancing the overall performance of my iPhone.

1. Execute a System Reboot

Why: Temporary software glitches and memory leaks can waste system resources, causing the phone to slow down.

How: Restarted the device by pressing the side and volume up buttons until the power slider appeared, then powered it back on after shutting down.

Outcome: Immediate albeit temporary improvements in operational efficiency, including smoother operation of previously laggy apps.

2. Remove the Phone Case

Why: A phone case can insulate the device, potentially leading to CPU thermal throttling, which slows down performance.

How: Removed the case and monitored the device’s temperature and performance metrics during a week of heavy use.

Outcome: The phone operated at a lower temperature, which correlated with a modest but noticeable improvement in speed.

3. Replace the Battery

Why: Battery degradation triggers Appleā€™s Performance Management algorithms, slowing down the device to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

How: Checked battery health under Settings > Battery > Battery Health, and opted for an Apple-certified battery replacement.

Outcome: Marked improvement in speed, quicker app launch times, and smoother multitasking.


These three strategies, when combined, noticeably improved the performance of my aging iPhone. If you’re experiencing slowdowns, consider employing one or more of these tricks for a more responsive device.

This can also be a reminder to clean your smartphone charging port, if it isn’t working:

Clean your smartphone charging port day

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