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List of really handy and/or useless command line tools

Introduction This is a list of useful command line tools which I often use during my day. For every tool I have listed a example with the parameters and the output of the tool. Example: $ toolname –option=value –other-option Output of toolname when run on my machine. This might not be identical on your installation. apropos With apropos you can … Read More

Lakka – The DIY retro emulation console

Lakka is a lightweight distribution which also runs on the Raspberry Pi and is able to run retro games on your big screen tv. It is able to emulate multiple old console and handhelds like the Game Boy, the Game Boy Advance, the NES, the Nintendo 64 or even the PlayStation. I’ve installed it on my Raspberry Pi 2 but wasn’t able to get the controllers … Read More

Build a Open-Source Chromecast/Sonos alternative with Linux

Lately I’ve been thinking how we could build an alternative for Googles Chromecast and Sonos Systems with Open-Source technology. The ideal solution would be something that could run on a Raspberry PI or similar device and which would be backwards compatible to the Chromecast API. However, performance could be a problem on such devices. The first problem is to find an … Read More

Linux – Crash and Burn Guide

Have you ever been in the position where your Linux system wouldn’t boot anymore? Maybe you tried to install the new NVIDIA drivers? Well so have I. In this guide I will describe the few possibilities how to get to a Linux Shell for your broken System so you can repair it. 1. Try to get to a TTY If … Read More