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List of really handy and/or useless command line tools

Introduction This is a list of useful command line tools which I often use during my day. For every tool I have listed a example with the parameters and the output of the tool. Example: $ toolname –option=value –other-option Output of toolname when run on my machine. This might not be identical on your installation. apropos With apropos you can … Read More

My favorite Mac tips and tricks

Use spotlight to calculate. (cmd+space) Preview files in finder by pressing space. Close application while alt-tabbing by pressing q. Open the emoticons menu by pressing ctrl+cmd+space simultaneously. Search a word in the dictionary by pressing ctrl+cmd+d.

My top 10 favorite Mac apps at the moment.

These are my favorite 10 Mac apps at the moment listed by no particularly logic. Google Chrome This should be a no-brainer. I use this browser on any system where it’s available and recommend it full-hearted. You can pry this web-browser from my dead cold hands. :) PHPStorm This is my at the moment main development IDE. It’s autocompletion, code … Read More

Check useragent for curl or wget

If you ever wanted to check if your website was accessed via curl or wget and handle those cases differently you’ve come to the right place. In PHP this is really simple. Just use the snippet below to check the user agent and you’re done. I used this snippet to differentiate a web user from the command line on the … Read More