Some thoughts about removing Windows from your life

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I’ve been looking for ways to remove Windows from my daily life. Sadly I’m still using it on my main desktop, because I use the Adobe Creative Suite and still play games on Windows.

However I had a few ideas how to replace or at least minimize my Windows usage:

  • Steam Streaming (Stream games over the network to my laptop. For this I still need a Windows Desktop at Home, but at least I can now play almost all Windows games on my Laptop at home)
  • Screenhero (Stream individual Windows over the network and also use them with multiple users. This application is currently undergoing some internal development and you can’t sign up for new accounts. Mac Download Windows Download)
  • Citrix (This would stream a whole desktop to a client. However this is more used in business environments and not optimized for home-users or gaming)
  • Amazon EC (We can use this to run our own high-end cloud gaming service on EC2. How it’s done is described here. Sadly for me the ping for the nearest GPU instances is over 20ms so this isn’t anything for me yet.)
  • Xen PCI Passthrough (Use a virtual Windows Maschine on Linux and passthrough a GPU via PCI Passthrough so we can play games on the virtual machine)

It would be nice, if there was a easy way to stream multiple individual applications from a Windows machine to a Mac or Linux machine.

Any other ideas?

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