Vanilla JS – The new trendy Javascript Framework

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Vanilla JS is the new trendy framework which is faster than any existing framework on the market.

Code ops / sec
Vanilla JS document.getElementById(‘test-table’); 12,137,211
Dojo dojo.byId(‘test-table’); 5,443,343
Prototype JS $(‘test-table’) 2,940,734
Ext JS delete Ext.elCache[‘test-table’]; Ext.get(‘test-table’); 997,562
jQuery $jq(‘#test-table’); 350,557
YUI YAHOO.util.Dom.get(‘test-table’); 326,534
MooTools‘test-table’); 78,802

It is so efficient that most modern browser have included it by default so you don’t even have to include any more additional files to use it.

There is also some really extensive documentation online available .


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