How to use time traveling to stop worrying.

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If you don’t have a DeLorean time machine, a TARDIS or a Time Turner you might start worrying that this article isn’t for you. But don’t worry and continue reading. With this article I will show you how you can use the concept of time travel to stop worrying. Even if you don’t have a functional time travel device.

I will teach you three ways how to use time travel to start worrying less. You can use the concept of time traveling to travel to the past, into the far future and get back to the present.

We’ll begin by traveling into the past.

Travel into the Past

In your mind all the small dumb or unintentional stuff you did in the past still burns as bright as day.

But now try to think of a small mistake somebody else did a while ago. It’s hard isn’t it? We tend to only focus on our own mistakes and forget the small mistakes other people made.

What can we take from this fact to help us stop worrying?

But Why GIF

If other people also only worry about their own mistakes, we should feel much more liberated. It means we can try and fail at new things because other people will forget our small mistakes.

Most old people have realised this over the course of their live. This is why you see so many elderly people not giving a crap about things that don’t matter in the long run or what other people think about them because of this.

Which brings us to the next point.

Travel into the Future

The next destination is the far future. This trick is especially useful for helping you stop worrying about doing something you’re afraid of.

This could be asking somebody out, going back to school or something simple like joining a new local club you’re interested in.

To get started, imagine yourself as an old person, looking back on your life.

Now try to see the world from the perspective of the old you. Imagine what kind of influence the thing you want to do could have on them.

Would this person regret not doing the thing you’re anxious about doing? Could it be something that is going to haunt you if you don’t do it? Something that could change the life of this future you?

Travel back to the Present

Now that we traveled into the future the last stop on our journey is to get back to the present

This trick might sound counter intuitive at first glance.

It works by imagining the worst possible thing that could happen, when you are about to face a situation where you are anxious.

Sounds stupid?

But it has to be something that can actually happen. With this the trick may make more sense.

As an example if you have to take a test and you are anxious, think about what could really go wrong.

In most cases nothing bad or horrible will happen.

Now what?

Now it’s up to you to try those time travel tricks to stop worrying too much.

If you have questions, suggestions or ideas don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I will respond to you as fast as I can.

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