How to unpack files in Ubuntu by clicking on them.

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Something that has bothered me for a long time, was that I couldn’t just click on a archive to unpack it when I’m in my file browser.

To do that I’ve written a short .desktop file which is a wrapper for file-roller. You can download the .desktop file here.

You can now move the file either into the folder /usr/share/applications to “install” it for all users, or move it into ~/.local/share/applications/ to install it only for your user.

Now we have to associate our new .desktop file with our archive files. To do this open your file browser and right click on any archive which you want to open with our wrapper. Then click on properties, Open with and assign our Unzipper application as the default application.

If you now double click on the archive it should automatically be unzipped in the same folder with the name of the archive as the folder name.

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