How to get scaled 5.1 surround sound in Google Chrome for Google Music

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I’ve just bought the Logitech Z506 5.1 surround sound system. After installing the drivers for my soundcard ( This website hasn’t landed in the year 2000 yet), I wanted to use my new system with Google Music in Google Chrome.

I knew that Google Play Music only provides mono sound, so Google Chrome would have to upscale it so it would play on all speakers.

However when I started to play the music, only the front speakers made any sound. So started searching for a solution.

In this Reddit submission I found a solution which worked flawlessly for me.

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First we have to open the properties window for the Google Chrome shortcut. If you have the shortcut in your taskbar, you can just right click on it and then right click again on the Google Chrome entry.

On the appearing list select the entry properties and the window below should pop up.


In the property window we now have to add the following flags to the target field.

--disable-audio-output-resampler --try-supported-channel-layouts --force-wave-audio

You have to add the flags after the ” of the Google Chrome path. In the end it should look like this. The path to Google Chrome may be different.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --disable-audio-output-resampler --try-supported-channel-layouts --force-wave-audio

7 thoughts on “How to get scaled 5.1 surround sound in Google Chrome for Google Music

  1. OMG – been trying to figure this out for ages. So tired of the but it’s only a 2.0 source, what do you expect, response. Worked perfectly – you are a gentleman, a scholar and fine judge of horses. Excelsior!!!

  2. todavia el metodo de desactivar el pepperflash para usar shockwave flash era mucho mejor ya que no tenias que hacer relleno ni nada en la configuración de realtek. el mismo flashplayer hacia el envolvente y se adaptaba con mucha mejor calidad que el relleno de realtek.

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