3 ways how to get work done even if you don’t feel like it

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Not feeling like doing something. Being to exhausted to do it. Not able to start working on that certain task.

We all feel sometimes like we just can’t start to work. The times when we can’t start doing something. So what can we do about that?

Lot’s of things. :)

1. Break down your task

Starting by trying to break down our tasks into the smallest units of work. Creating a checklist with instructions on how to get your task done.

Need to write an important paper? Break it down into smaller amounts of work.

  • Research Topic
  • Write out headlines
  • Write out the different headlines
After breaking it down create physical todo list where you can cross of the things you did with a pen. I don’t know why, but I get a lot of satisfaction from crossing of a item on a physical list.
If you would like to organize your lists look into bullet journaling.

2. Use a timer to get yourself to start working

Next up is using the pomodoro technique to get yourself to start working on some task. For this method you need a physical timer device like a kitchen timer.

Set the timer to 25 minutes and start working. After the time is up set the timer for a 5 minute break. After the break set the timer again for 25 minutes.


3. Use apps and your location to get less distracted

If you get distracted by your environment you need to change it so you can work without disruptions.

On your computer you can use Cold Turkey or Stay Focusd to block websites. Either for a certain timeframe or with a time limit so you won’t get lost on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and co.

Another trick is to change your environment and go out to a coffee shop to work. You won’t get distracted there and will feel a certain pressure to work.

It’s even better to go to the library or to a coffee shop with a friend who wants to study the same thing.

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