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Building a joke machine with an ESP8266

I had a few ESP8266’s lying around and some OLED Displays and wanted to do a project with them. So, I decided to put a joke API ( I discovered earlier to use. Wire up your display to the ESP8266 according to the following schematics: Then add the following code to your ESP8266 with the Arduino Application. You need to … Read More

Create dynamic virtual hosts on XAMPP with Windows

I just tested it and it still works in 2020 with the newest XAMPP Version. This is a short tutorial how the get up and running with dynamic virtual hosts with XAMPP on Windows. The goal of this tutorial is to be able to create a directory like “” in your C:\xampp\htdocs\ to add a virtual host dynamically. First of we … Read More

Creating a Toastmaster Timer with Arduino Part 2: Prototype and Presentation

A bit late, but I just found my old talk on Youtube about the prototype and this old post that I started writing. Originally this was a project from 2017. Part one can be found here. I finally got the parts I needed to build the prototype. After putting everything together according to my schematics, I uploaded the code and … Read More

Automatically configure a lot of Android devices

Are you getting tired from typing the same login and pressing the same buttons on each device you need to configure? In this article I will describe a way to automatically fill in forms and click buttons on identical android devices. In my case, it were about 8 Samsung Galaxy Tablets where I needed to configure the wireless. Now you … Read More

Creating a UML to PHP Generator for StarUML

With the new version 3 of StarUML there wasn’t a UML to PHP Generator yet. I’ve decided to take the existing one for Java ( and rewrote it so it would generate PHP code instead: I then submitted it to the StarUML extension Repository and to this date it has already been downloaded over 600 times. If you find … Read More

How to import data from another tab in Google Spreadsheet

Let’s say you have a spreadsheet with two tabs: Contacts and Contest. Now you would like to import some data from one tab into the other. You can do this with the following formula: If you now want to import multiple fields just drag the field like you would do it if you were applying a formula normally:

Selenium Chromedriver not sending exclamation mark

Update: The chromedriver team looked at the issues and currently they won’t fix it as it only happens with non US-en keyboards. So to fix it the computer on which chromedriver gets run must have this keyboard set for it to work without problems. But they may implement a warning if the user doesn’t use the US-en keyboard so people … Read More

Exploring the API of the myBFH application for Android

Instructions Get the Charles proxy application from here: Then install the Charles certificate on your android phone according to the instructions here: Now install the app and start it, after a bit of loading you should see something similar to this: These are the HTTP requests the app makes. In this screenshot I’ve filtered out only the ones going … Read More

How to use time traveling to stop worrying.

If you don’t have a DeLorean time machine, a TARDIS or a Time Turner you might start worrying that this article isn’t for you. But don’t worry and continue reading. With this article I will show you how you can use the concept of time travel to stop worrying. Even if you don’t have a functional time travel device. I will teach you three … Read More

Speed up your old Macbook by disabling Spotlight for your development folders

I was reading about how the new Macbook Pro’s were having battery problems the first few days of usage. Most people looked at the index process of Spotlight as the source of the problem. Especially if you use a package manager like npm oder composer which creates a massive amount of folders and files. Then it hit me. If I … Read More