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IOT for lazy people: Starting my projector with Siri.

No story, just the instructions, please: I’ve always loved the IR Remote feature of my old HTC One. It felt like a superpower to be able to mess with random tvs at random locations. After switching to a Pixel 2 and now an iPhone it laid around for a long time in my drawers until a friend of mine … Read More

Building a dashboard in a pictureframe for my flat

A rite of passage as a developer is building a magic mirror. Every serious developer blog must have at least one article describing how they built theirs, so here is mine: I display our flat calendar that I shared via google calendar, the weather, the current tasks for each person provided by flatastic and a text that tells you the … Read More

Using Python and Lobe to automate Among Us tasks

How many of the tasks in Among Us can I automate?
The answer can be found at the end of this post.

Das gedruckte Velo

This is the Swiss German Version of the Speech Printing a bicycle, which I gave last Year at the Rhetoric Club Solothurn Meeting on Zoom on the 14th of December. I used OBS with PowerPoint with a magenta background, so I could put the slides over the Camera Feed. For the camera I used my iPhone with the Plugin. … Read More

Building a joke machine with an ESP8266

I had a few ESP8266’s lying around and some OLED Displays and wanted to do a project with them. So, I decided to put a joke API ( I discovered earlier to use. Wire up your display to the ESP8266 according to the following schematics: Then add the following code to your ESP8266 with the Arduino Application. You need to … Read More

Create dynamic virtual hosts on XAMPP with Windows

I just tested it and it still works in 2020 with the newest XAMPP Version. This is a short tutorial how the get up and running with dynamic virtual hosts with XAMPP on Windows. The goal of this tutorial is to be able to create a directory like “” in your C:\xampp\htdocs\ to add a virtual host dynamically. First of we … Read More

Creating a Toastmaster Timer with Arduino Part 2: Prototype and Presentation

A bit late, but I just found my old talk on Youtube about the prototype and this old post that I started writing. Originally this was a project from 2017. Part one can be found here. I finally got the parts I needed to build the prototype. After putting everything together according to my schematics, I uploaded the code and … Read More

Automatically configure a lot of Android devices

Are you getting tired from typing the same login and pressing the same buttons on each device you need to configure? In this article I will describe a way to automatically fill in forms and click buttons on identical android devices. In my case, it were about 8 Samsung Galaxy Tablets where I needed to configure the wireless. Now you … Read More

Creating a UML to PHP Generator for StarUML

With the new version 3 of StarUML there wasn’t a UML to PHP Generator yet. I’ve decided to take the existing one for Java ( and rewrote it so it would generate PHP code instead: I then submitted it to the StarUML extension Repository and to this date it has already been downloaded over 600 times. If you find … Read More

How to import data from another tab in Google Spreadsheet

Let’s say you have a spreadsheet with two tabs: Contacts and Contest. Now you would like to import some data from one tab into the other. You can do this with the following formula: If you now want to import multiple fields just drag the field like you would do it if you were applying a formula normally: