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Fixing Canon Error 853

Canon Error 853 is a common error that affects Canon printers and it is caused by the Secure Print feature. This feature is designed to keep sensitive information confidential by requiring a password before printing the document. However, this feature can sometimes cause issues with the printer and result in Error 853. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to fix … Read More

What is the training loss in machine learning?

Training loss in machine learning is a measure of how well the model is able to fit the training data. It is calculated by comparing the model’s predictions with the actual values in the training set, and it is typically represented as a single number or a small set of numbers. The goal of training is to minimize the training … Read More

How to Fix “No space left on device docker”

mkdir: cannot create directory ‘x’: No space left on device docker It took me a bit of time to find the solution for this, so here is a solution for the next person searching this on google. First open up the Docker Desktop app and go into the settings: Then go to Resources and there you can increase the disk … Read More

How to optimize your workflows with shortcuts and custom tools

“If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe.” – Abraham Lincoln. The following relevant XKCD comic displays what calculations go on in my head when I think about automating a task. There are many things we do through the day, that could be automated or even improved … Read More

Changing Docker Container Folder on Windows Server

First stop your docker service stop-service docker Create a new folder called daemon.json in the folder C:\ProgramData\docker\config and then put the following content inside, to set a new folder for your images. { “data-root”: “d:\\dockerdata” } Then restart the Docker Service. Restart-Service Docker The images won’t be transferred to the new folder, so you’ll have to do that afterwards manually.

This job is stuck, because you don’t have any active runners that can run this job.

This job is stuck, because you don’t have any active runners that can run this job. If you get this error in your gitlab ci/cd pipeline make sure that your runner has all the tags assigned to it that the pipeline needs. So if a pipeline needs multiple tags, the runner has to have all the tags assigned to it … Read More

Blinking underscore when booting from WakeOnLan

The Problem At the work I wanted to have some computers boot automatically when triggered over WakeOnLan. There are four computers with the exact same specifications (HP Compaq 8200), but on three of them, when triggered by WakeOnLan, they would only display a blinking underscore instead of booting Windows. This problem was already reported on various sites but had no … Read More

IOT for lazy people: Starting my projector with Siri.

No story, just the instructions, please: I’ve always loved the IR Remote feature of my old HTC One. It felt like a superpower to be able to mess with random tvs at random locations. After switching to a Pixel 2 and now an iPhone it laid around for a long time in my drawers until a friend of mine … Read More

Building a dashboard in a pictureframe for my flat

A rite of passage as a developer is building a magic mirror. Every serious developer blog must have at least one article describing how they built theirs, so here is mine: I display our flat calendar that I shared via google calendar, the weather, the current tasks for each person provided by flatastic and a text that tells you the … Read More

Using Python and Lobe to automate Among Us tasks

How many of the tasks in Among Us can I automate?
The answer can be found at the end of this post.