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Speed up your old Macbook by disabling Spotlight for your development folders

I was reading about how the new Macbook Pro’s were having battery problems the first few days of usage. Most people looked at the index process of Spotlight as the source of the problem. Especially if you use a package manager like npm oder composer which creates a massive amount of folders and files. Then it hit me. If I … Read More

Unpacking archives with double clicking on Windows

Something that bothered me for a long time on Windows was the default action of 7-Zip to open the file manager when double clicking on a archive. In 99.999% of the case I use a archive I want to unpack it into a new folder in the same folder I am in. So by opening the manager by default I … Read More

Creating a Toastmaster Timer with Arduino Part 1: Schematics

Sometime ago I was asked to be a time judge at a local toastmaster contest and measure the time for the speeches. This gave me a great idea for a project with my Arduino which I got laying around. I could create a timer which automatically raises the flags with a servo to indicate the time left for the speaker. I started … Read More

Make Pocket display more items on bigger Screens.

If you have a bigger screen like me it may annoy you that pocket only displays a maximum of 4 items per row ignorant of the space available. Before Because of this I created a style for the Stylish Chrome Extension which will display more items on bigger screens. After Style

You don’t need to know everything.

I know one thing: that I know nothing – Plato This quote from the greek philosopher Plato has stuck with me through my four years of apprenticeship as a IT specialist. In todays information age, it’s not possible to be all knowing. It’s much more important to know that you can’t know everything. My main task in my first year … Read More

Get around the Netflix VPN block with Smartflix

11.05.16 Works again and they now offer a subscription for $3.99 per month, which means that the uptime now probably has improved.. In the last few weeks you may have noticed that Netflix has expanded its VPN block to access content which is only available in other regions. VPN Services like or are beeing blocked by Netflix. However there is a easy … Read More

5 Ways how to not suck at client meetings

I’ve had my share of embarrassing moments in meetings where everything went wrong. So here are my 5 ways how to not suck at a client meeting. 1. Be there early enough On of my first meetings was a disaster. It began with me forgetting that I even had a meeting at eight in the morning. This led me to arrive … Read More

Find external broken links in Confluence

At the moment I’m working on setting up a Confluence installation for a Quality Management System. On of the tasks is to find all external broken links in Confluence. For this I created a little command line script to automate this task.

How to write a simple webscraper with PHP

In this article I will help you build a simple webscraper in PHP. For the base we will use the php library fabpot/goutte. To get started with our project we will install the dependency manager composer. You can find out how to install composer on their official website: After the installation you should be able to use composer on the command … Read More

Create runnable snippets on your WordPress blog

Here’s how to create a runnable snippet on your WordPress blog. $(function() { $(‘.js-runnable’).each(function(){ var that = this; var button = $(‘<p><button class=”btn btn-default”>Run Snippet</button></p>’); $(button).find(‘button’).click(function(){ eval($(that).text()); }); $(this).after(button); }); }); You need to create a pre element with the class .js-runnable. The upper script will the automatically add a button after the code to run the code inside the snippet. … Read More