PnPMusic – A Music Maker for Game Masters

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Yesterday I started a new project in Java called “PnPMusic“. The idea behind it is to let game masters in Pen & Paper or Dungeons and Dragons play their own Music based on categories like fighting, story, calm and so on.

Also I’m trying to improve my Java knowledge as it is a really cool language. For the GUI I’m using the brand-new JavaFX libraries. If you find any good introductions or tutorials for it please let me know.

At the moment I was able to release a version which compiles and automatically creates categories and a Music Cache from your directory. It’s also possible to click on a category to play a random song from this category.

However there is still much to do. For example the GUI isn’t really user friendly and there are still a lot of bugs. If you find a bug please report it as a issue on Github.

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