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Blinking underscore when booting from WakeOnLan

The Problem At the work I wanted to have some computers boot automatically when triggered over WakeOnLan. There are four computers with the exact same specifications (HP Compaq 8200), but on three of them, when triggered by WakeOnLan, they would only display a blinking underscore instead of booting Windows. This problem was already reported on various sites but had no … Read More

IOT for lazy people: Starting my projector with Siri.

No story, just the instructions, please: I’ve always loved the IR Remote feature of my old HTC One. It felt like a superpower to be able to mess with random tvs at random locations. After switching to a Pixel 2 and now an iPhone it laid around for a long time in my drawers until a friend of mine … Read More

Building a dashboard in a pictureframe for my flat

A rite of passage as a developer is building a magic mirror. Every serious developer blog must have at least one article describing how they built theirs, so here is mine: I display our flat calendar that I shared via google calendar, the weather, the current tasks for each person provided by flatastic and a text that tells you the … Read More

Using Python and Lobe to automate Among Us tasks

How many of the tasks in Among Us can I automate?
The answer can be found at the end of this post.

Das gedruckte Velo

This is the Swiss German Version of the Speech Printing a bicycle, which I gave last Year at the Rhetoric Club Solothurn Meeting on Zoom on the 14th of December. I used OBS with PowerPoint with a magenta background, so I could put the slides over the Camera Feed. For the camera I used my iPhone with the Plugin. … Read More

Building a joke machine with an ESP8266

I had a few ESP8266’s lying around and some OLED Displays and wanted to do a project with them. So, I decided to put a joke API ( I discovered earlier to use. Wire up your display to the ESP8266 according to the following schematics: Then add the following code to your ESP8266 with the Arduino Application. You need to … Read More

Create dynamic virtual hosts on XAMPP with Windows

I just tested it and it still works in 2020 with the newest XAMPP Version. This is a short tutorial how the get up and running with dynamic virtual hosts with XAMPP on Windows. The goal of this tutorial is to be able to create a directory like “” in your C:\xampp\htdocs\ to add a virtual host dynamically. First of we … Read More

Creating a Toastmaster Timer with Arduino Part 2: Prototype and Presentation

A bit late, but I just found my old talk on Youtube about the prototype and this old post that I started writing. Originally this was a project from 2017. Part one can be found here. I finally got the parts I needed to build the prototype. After putting everything together according to my schematics, I uploaded the code and … Read More

Automatically configure a lot of Android devices

Are you getting tired from typing the same login and pressing the same buttons on each device you need to configure? In this article I will describe a way to automatically fill in forms and click buttons on identical android devices. In my case, it were about 8 Samsung Galaxy Tablets where I needed to configure the wireless. Now you … Read More

Creating a UML to PHP Generator for StarUML

With the new version 3 of StarUML there wasn’t a UML to PHP Generator yet. I’ve decided to take the existing one for Java ( and rewrote it so it would generate PHP code instead: I then submitted it to the StarUML extension Repository and to this date it has already been downloaded over 600 times. If you find … Read More